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At Seoul Academy, our ultimate goal is to develop our students into global leaders who possess strong character and competency and are capable of making a positive impact in the world. Through our rigorous and holistic educational processes, we are confident that we can nurture outstanding individuals who will make a difference both within and beyond the communities to which they belong.


Our mission is to foster an environment where students are empowered to develop their full potential, embrace lifelong learning, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

We are committed to providing an inclusive, nurturing, and challenging educational experience that cultivates intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, and social responsibility in every child.


At Seoul Academy, our vision is to be a beacon of educational excellence, where our three tenets—Wisdom, Wonder, and Respect—guide our pursuit of knowledge, personal growth, and social responsibility.

We aspire to create a thriving, interconnected community that embraces diversity, fosters lifelong learning, and empowers students to reach their highest potential.

By cultivating an environment that nurtures curiosity, critical thinking, and compassion, we aim to inspire future generations to be confident, innovative, and responsible global citizens who contribute positively to the world around them.

Core Values

We believe that the foundation of a successful educational journey lies in the principles of Wisdom, Wonder, and Respect.


    We strive to instill a deep understanding and appreciation for knowledge, enabling our students to make informed decisions, solve problems creatively, and engage in critical thinking. We emphasize the importance of continuous learning and growth, fostering a culture where students and staff are encouraged to pursue their passions and expand their intellectual horizons.


    We recognize the power of curiosity and the joy of discovery in shaping the minds of our students. Our curriculum is designed to spark their imagination, inspire creativity, and promote active exploration of the world around them. By nurturing a sense of wonder, we aim to develop lifelong learners who are eager to question, investigate, and innovate.


    We are dedicated to fostering a culture of mutual respect, empathy, and understanding within our school community. We celebrate diversity and encourage students to appreciate the unique perspectives and experiences of others. By promoting open dialogue, collaboration, and inclusivity, we prepare our students to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.