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Kindergarten & Elementary School (Grades K-5)


At Seoul Academy Apgujeong, we understand that kindergarten and elementary school education lays the groundwork for future learning, and we are committed to providing a secure and nurturing environment for all our students to support their development.

Our low student-teacher ratio ensures that each student receives personalized attention from our highly qualified and compassionate teachers. Our comprehensive curriculum prepares students for academic and life challenges.

We prioritize the social and emotional well-being of our students and aim to foster appropriate social skills and attitudes that encourage confidence and productivity as global citizens. Our ultimate goal is to inspire motivated and independent learners who can succeed in a complex and ever-changing world.


Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, our language arts program equips students with lifelong language skills, encompassing speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The curriculum emphasizes vocabulary development, various writing styles, and grammar skill development.

Students will apply previously acquired strategies and skills, develop advanced literacy, engage in critical thinking, and effectively communicate and problem solve creatively.

The program is designed to help students become confident and competent communicators who can succeed in academic and professional environments.

Following the Common Core State Standards, our advanced math program delivers course content one grade level above the standard. Students develop a solid foundation in problem-solving strategies, enabling them to apply course concepts to real-world situations relevant to their lives.

By the end of fifth grade, students will understand arithmetic operations, simple fractions, ratios, integers, data management concepts, and the underlying mathematical operations for these areas.

Students will also become familiar with graphing, points, lines, and mathematical structures across multiple domains.

Aimed at nurturing and expanding young learners' curiosity and awareness, our science program emphasizes both content acquisition and the application of scientific processes to real-world issues.

Students are guided through realistic scientific procedures, addressing problems, challenges, or issues, and gaining a solid understanding of core scientific concepts in various areas.

Our social studies program balances content knowledge and real-life skills, preparing students to make relevant connections between concepts while raising awareness and understanding.

The curriculum employs a mix of lectures, question-and-answer sessions, project-based learning, and supplementary materials.

Through classroom activities, discussions, and project-based learning, students build a foundational understanding of social concepts, develop practical skills, and appreciate history.


Chinese is offered from kindergarten through grade 5, and our weekly classes are designed to introduce young learners to the Chinese language and culture.

Students will develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Chinese through engaging activities and games. Our experienced teacher uses a variety of teaching methods to make the learning process fun and effective for all students.

By the end of grade 5, students will have a strong foundation in Chinese that will prepare them for further language study in the future.


학년별로 국정 교과서와 연계된 어휘를 학습하고, 관련 문제를 풀어봄으로써 적절한 어휘를 선택해 문장을 구성할 수 있도록 연습합니다. 또한 학생들은 자신이 습득한 어휘를 자유롭게 글로 쓰고, 말로 표현하며 통일성과 일관성을 갖춘 담화를 완성하는 것을 목표로 합니다.

Our Korean language program incorporates a fun and engaging approach to learning vocabulary related to national curriculum textbooks. Each grade practices using the vocabulary in sentences by solving related problems. This process develops students' ability to use the vocabulary in writing and speaking activities, ultimately leading to a cohesive and consistent discourse. In addition, we offer Korean-related clubs as an extracurricular activity for students who wish to study Korean further.

The computer program covers a wide range of concepts from fundamentals of using hardware and software to coding and programming tailored for each grade.

Our curriculum is designed to spark students' interest in the various uses of computers and their role in society. With a focus on hands-on learning, students will develop skills such as typing, internet searching, and using productivity tools like Google Docs and Google Slides.

These skills are not only useful for their current coursework but are also valuable for their future education.

Our art program, offered twice a week to all students from kindergarten to grade 5, reflects our belief that a comprehensive education should include exposure to the arts.

The Common Core Standards-aligned curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced art skills. The process of making artwork provides our students with the opportunity to express their creativity and develop their character.

By engaging in the arts, our students can hone important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are necessary for success in all aspects of life.

Our music program provides weekly classes and extracurricular activities that adhere to the US National Standards for Music Education, utilizing approved resources and textbooks. Students begin by using their voices to sing, bodies to move, and percussion instruments to feel the rhythm, enabling them to explore music and develop their musicianship. As they progress, they learn to play different instruments, read notes, train their ears, and compose short pieces to further enhance their musical skills.

For students interested in pursuing music further, we offer extracurricular activities such as musical ensemble, choir, and Nanta. These programs expose students to various genres of music, including choral singing and instrument performances, and provide opportunities for them to perform at two major school events each year.

By participating in these programs, students also learn self-discipline, teamwork, and commitment─all essential skills for success in any field.

The physical education program is tailored to each grade level, offering a diverse range of kinesthetic activities that focus on building strength, cardiovascular fitness, and overall physical well-being.

Our experienced instructors prioritize fun and engaging activities that inspire students to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

The two biggest aims of the library program are to help ensure that every student is fully literate and to inspire excitement and satisfaction in every student's reading experience.

The library class is attended by kindergarten and elementary students, where students will participate in several reading activities that all serve to advance their learning in this important field. Additionally, students in all grades will practice taking online comprehension assessments for every book they read and compose weekly book reports.