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  • Seoul Academy believes that learning is more than just a simple,
    one-sided process.
  • Our courses are designed to promote healthy minds, bodies, and attitudes through a wide range of personal and academic experiences.
  • By providing such curricula, we aim to cultivate leaders who can excel globally by utilizing their innate competencies.
  • To achieve this goal, we provide the best learning environment and faculty members to deliver top-quality instruction, and we create a supportive atmosphere that allows our students to fully immerse themselves in their studies.

  • Over 40 Years of History

  • Holders of Relevant Bachelor's, Master's,
    or Teacher Certificates

  • 15 Students or Fewer per Class


3 reasons to choose seoul academy

  • Geographical conditions

    Geographical Advantages

    Seoul Academy is situated in the esteemed region known for providing Korea's highest quality education. Located in the vibrant Gangnam district, a renowned hub for education, the academy successfully attracts exceptional faculty members and delivers an outstanding level of education.

    The location also provides students with convenient transportation options and opportunities for engagement in various activities.

  • High-quality Education

    High-Quality Education

    At Seoul Academy, we believe that education should be meaningful and challenging, not just a means of achieving good grades. Our courses are designed to encourage students to actively engage with the curriculum, think critically, and explore new ideas.

    We offer various forms of support to ensure that our students can succeed in their studies and develop the skills necessary to become leaders who can pursue their goals and values beyond the academy.

    Seoul Academy provides high-level courses and aims for education that is individually tailored to each student, intending to foster perseverance and a deep understanding of the course contents.

  • Highly Competent Students

    Highly Competent Students

    Education is not completed with high-quality education alone; excellent students who can fully absorb and utilize this education are also critical.

    Seoul Academy prudently selects highly competent students through a thorough verification process, forming an educational environment where they study proactively with a sense of responsibility. The community of passionate learners motivates each other, and through this collaboration, students can grow exponentially.

    Students selected by Seoul Academy are not only those with excellent academic and intellectual abilities but also with strong commitments to continuous learning and growth. The gathering of such remarkable students establishes a foundation of solid and rapid growth.