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Middle School (Grades 6-8)


Seoul Academy's middle school program provides a dynamic curriculum encompassing traditional core subjects (language arts, math, social studies, and science) and a diverse range of additional subjects, including art, physical education, computer, debate, and foreign languages.

With an emphasis on preparing students for high school, our low student-teacher ratio ensures individualized attention and support for each student's unique academic journey. We strive to create personalized, relevant, and engaging learning experiences, covering all subject areas required for high school entrance.


Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, our middle school language arts program equips students with lifelong language skills, encompassing speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

The curriculum emphasizes vocabulary development, various writing styles, and grammar skill development. Students will apply previously acquired strategies and skills, develop advanced literacy, engage in critical thinking, and communicate ideas effectively and creatively.

Following the Common Core State Standards, our advanced math program delivers the content one grade level above the standard. Students develop a solid foundation in problem-solving strategies, enabling them to apply course concepts to real-world situations relevant to their lives.

Students will also become familiar with graphing, plotting points, lines, and mathematical structures across multiple domain.

Aimed at nurturing and expanding young learners' curiosity and awareness, our science program emphasizes both content acquisition and the application of scientific processes to real-world issues.

Students are guided through realistic scientific procedures, addressing problems, challenges, or issues, and gaining a solid understanding of core scientific concepts in various areas.

Our social studies program balances content knowledge and real-life skills, preparing students to make relevant connections between concepts while raising awareness and understanding.

The curriculum employs a mix of lectures, question-and-answer sessions, project-based learning, and supplementary materials. Through classroom activities, discussions, and project-based learning, students build a foundational understanding of social concepts, develop practical skills, and appreciate history.

At Seoul Academy Daechi, students can choose Chinese or Spanish. Classes aim to develop proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing across various topics while fostering cultural understanding. Korean classes are offered to all grades.


Our Chinese program is designed to spark students' interest in the language and cultivate communicative competence and proficiency. Using a wide variety of multimedia resources, students gain ample opportunities to practice speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills in diverse formats.


Our Spanish program is designed to ignite students' interest in the language and emphasize communicative competence and proficiency development. Employing an array of multimedia resources, students enjoy ample opportunities to practice speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills in various formats.


한국 중등 교과서 수준의 단편 문학을 읽고 분석하며, 이를 바탕으로 자신만의 글을 창작합니다. 또한 독서 코칭 및 감정 코칭 수업을 병행하여 학생들의 글쓰기 실력 향상을 도모하고, 배려와 존중의 가치를 교육합니다.

Our Korean language program incorporates a fun and engaging approach to learning vocabulary based on national curriculum textbooks. Students practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing by analyzing famous Korean short stories and ultimately develop their ability to write in Korean.

Students are grouped in cross-curricular classes based on their prior computer skills and mastery. Each level has specific goals and objectives, allowing students to move flexibly among groups and program objectives.

The computer curriculum integrates multiple course expectations with other subject standards to create a more holistic approach to learning through computers.

Our art program, offered twice a week to all middle school students, reflects our belief that a comprehensive education should include exposure to the arts.

The Common Core Standards-aligned curriculum is designed to teach basic to advanced art skills and the process of making artwork provides our students with the opportunity to express their creativity and develop their character.

By engaging in the arts, our students can hone important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration, which are necessary for success in all aspects of life.

Our music program offers advanced, hands-on exploration in line with the US National Standards for Music Education.

Utilizing approved textbooks, technology, and selected repertoire, students develop higher-level performance skills, deeper understanding of music theory and history, and creativity and critical thinking through research-based activities.

Our physical education program incorporates a wide range of kinesthetic activities that emphasize bodybuilding and cardiovascular exercises. Activities are designed to be fun and engaging, encouraging students to adopt habits and routines that promote an active and healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, students complete multiple health-related units covering topics such as nutrition, diseases, disorders, mental and emotional health, human relationships, and substance abuse.

The debate program is designed to provide students with opportunities to develop their research and speaking skills. Through engaging in debates, students learn to research various topics, organize their thoughts, and articulate their opinions effectively, both as individual speakers and as members of a team.

This program not only fosters critical thinking and persuasive communication skills but also encourages students to listen to and respect diverse viewpoints while building self-confidence and collaboration skills.